Tuesday, 6 September 2016


A while ago ago, in one of our Soppy Sundays, Juteman mentioned that he had planted a hibiscus. And smarty pants here (that'll be Tris) told him that it would never flower.

He bet me that it would, and we came to an agreement that if it didn't flower he would donate to charity on my behalf, and if it did, I would donate to charity on his behalf.

So then this happened:
And so  Munguin accompanied me to Morrison's this afternoon and we bought some stuff for the local food bank

If you are in Dundee, St Salvador's in the Hilltown is a good alternative to Trussel (Every Town Should Have One) Trust Food banks. Although it is run by the Episcopal Church there is no obligation on anyone to be a church member, to come to a service or indeed anything else. Need is the only criterion.
If you want to make a donation while the church is closed, you can leave it at Maxwelltown Centre next door. They share a kitchen with the church.

Hearty congratulations to Jutie for getting a Hibiscus to flower in the climate of Dundee. I shall redouble my efforts for next year.

Talking of food banks the great news is that Mark Frankland's First Base food bank in Dumfries has reached close to his target of £10,000 (indeed with tax relief the sum is actually over the £10,000 mark).

Fantastic news. Congratulations Mark!


  1. Congrats to jutie, and good of you in filling a bag. I am sure his Lordship never got a spot on him whilst he watched you. Helena

    1. He directed, Helena.

      Put that there, put this here... Hurry, Hurry.

      Where's my coffee?


  2. Replies
    1. Something is munching on the flowers as soon as they open. You can see the ragged edges.
      The white flowers are doing a lot better. They obviously don't taste as good.

    2. I don't like using insecticides, although sometimes they are necessary. Have you tried soapy water?

  3. Congratulations, to Juteman, Tris and Mark.

    1. :) I've had two bloody hibiscus for 5 years and not a bud!!!!!

  4. Nice to hear about the blooming Hibiscus and the benefit to charity. Sometimes when I hear the residents of Scotland grousing (usually good naturedly) about the climate of Scotland, it makes me wonder if ROCKS can survive there. No doubt that overstates the case a bit. ;-))

    1. Rocks do quite nicely, Danny. Most other things struggle. :)

      I'm joking of course, but the weather has been seriously horrible this summer. Maybe next year...